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Jabberzilla - Eric Murphy

Things are still moving along. Sorry about the lack of a recent release, but I have some good excuses, which I don't want to list off.

Lately my focus has been on the JabberXPCOM, and related. It would be nice to get this stuff into Mozilla 1.0 or something, if I can prove its worth.

Hang in there!

Beonex - Ben Bucksch

  • Merged PSM changes, created patch
  • Worked with release candidate myself last week. It's pretty stable.
  • Windows, Website (see last report)
  • Still waiting for Windows, no ETA

Bookie - Will Sargent

I looked some more at the model I'm using for passing data. I'm relying on the ability to pass Mozilla chunks of RDF data, and then be able to add that to a datasource dynamically. The wierd thing is that the component I want, nsIRDFContentSink, doesn't seem to have an IDL interface (which makes it kind of useless for parsing RDF chunks from javascript). It has a C++ header file, but no IDL. And the same goes for nsIXMLContentSink. I can't figure out if this was deliberate or if I'm just missing something here.


mozCalc - Martin Kutschker

mozCalc is now in version 0.3.1 and has got a "scientific mode" which brings most of the common "advanced" calculator" functions (trigonometry, etc). Brackets and input in exponential notation are still missing, but the calculator should be fairly usable by now.

Documentation of the internals is under construction. So jumping in should be fairly easy ;-)


Chameleon - Pete Collins

Chameleon, checked fix into mozilla for this bug:

Thanks to jst for all the help.

Chameleon, after it is ported to the mozilla tip can use the styleSheets object to dynamically obtain style info from a xul template. This will involve some changes to the css engine and will allow me to remove any hardcoded style info from js. Thus allowing the app to scale better
across multiple components.


mozmp - Tom Vaughan

Thanks to an off-line discussion between Pete Collins and Brian King, mozmp does now in fact play .wav's! This is in thanks to mysterious improvements made in the mozilla 0.8.1 release, and a one-line javascript change made in mozmp. This release is available at:

This release requires mozilla 0.8.1, and has been tested on GNU/Linux and FreeBSD. Any reports that this release does or does not work on other platforms should be sent to the mozmp mailing list at:

This release is mozmp version nsisound-0.0.1.

FOR DEVELOPERS ONLY: This release is located on the NSISOUND branch. To checkout this release, simply:
 cd mozmp/source
         cvs up -d -P -r NSISOUND
         cd ../www
         cvs up -d -P
The current mozmp development focus is still on XPCOM sound libraries, not on nsISound.

Also, it has been found that some .wav's work, and others don't. This is something to do with the sample rate at which the .wav was created. This limitation will hopefully be resolved in a future mozilla release.



XULMaker - Michael Hearn

XULMaker is a XUL IDE project.

Well there hasn't been much news recently 'cos I've been very busy, but i have been thinking about it's design and decided that really it needs rewriting from the ground up. Unfortunately that's going to take ages with the amount of time I can give it :( This project won't be finished for a while I'm afraid. Anyway, I've posted prelimary design docs on the website. I'm reinitialising my machine soon so that'll put me behind too. Also I'm at the mercy of the perverse UK education system ... sorry :(

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