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Independent Project Status Reports


Beonex - Ben Bucksch

1. Highlights
  • Merged with 0.8.1, preparing a 0.7-dev release (Ben Bucksch)
  • Linux runs, mostly done (Ben Bucksch)
  • Windows builds "pretty much" (Simon P. Lucy)
  • Mozilla stability / general quality going up, but still not as good as 0.6
2. Tasks
  • Windows (Simon P. Lucy)
    • Making base profiles dir configurable
    • Installer
    • Testing
  • Linux (Ben Bucksch)
    • Merging PSM changes
    • Testing
  • Website (Ben Bucksch, volunteers)
    • 0.7 directory
    • General update
3. Problems
  • Mac (various)
  • Some promisses, no commitments, no results

Hermes - Azrael

For those of you who tried the 0.2.5 XPI installer while it worked.. all of about the first 5 minutes.. you'll be glad to know that after breaking it, it's now fixed again. All cash donations for that one to Basic please :) For those of you who only got the broken one.. I'm sorry.. but it's too late, you'll never get to see it. It's out of print.. valuable comodity now I guess.

But.. never fear.. there is a 0.2.6 XPI installer that does work.. get it while it's hot.

Again... the call goes out to anyone wanting to help the project.

p.s. If it is broken by tomorrow.. I swear it's not me trying to push up the value of Hermes by making it scarce.. honest!!

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