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Independent Project Status Reports


Chameleon - Pete Collins

Been working with Johnny Stenback and implemented the method `nsXULDocument::GetStyleSheets' in `nsXULDocument.cpp'. The patch still needs review.

If this gets checked into mozilla, i can pull out all the hard coded default css style rules and obtain the info dynamically. This will allow me to implement the other components such as mail/news, editor, etc.

mozmp - Tom Vaughan

Version 0.0.4 of mozmp has been released (A.K.A. The Kiefer Sutherland release). This version adds support to play .wav's. This is done by taking advantage of mozilla's native sound playing capabilities. Unfortunately this feature of mozilla is broken at the moment. But this version of mozmp is upwards compatible (most likely) with whatever version of mozilla sound support is fixed in.

Also, FTP is no longer used to download mozmp from the mozmp installation website. HTTP is used instead. People who had problems trying to download and install mozmp soon after the mozmp version 0.0.4 release announcement on the mailing list, on, or on are strongly encourage to try again.

Currently we are hard at work on building mozmp's sound and video back-end so that mozmp can play audio files like .ogg's, and video files like .mpeg's.

Hermes - Azrael

It has been a slow week for Hermes this week. Mostly due to my new machine and problems with said piece of junk.
Anyway.. This week Hermes got itself an installable xpi file. Some of you have noticed and contacted me about it not actually working. Thanks.. I was aware of this, unfortunatly time hasn't been available to fix it. This week though...
Still putting out a call for more people to send me services.. see the tutorial on for assistance. Several more are already in the pipeline from interested users.. to whom I pass much gratitude.

mozCalc - Martin Kutschker

The progress on mozCalc has been a bit slow lately, but this morning I released 0.3.0. It features the common trigonometric functions and constants. Behind the scene the calculator is nearly ready for using an arbitray precision class. Unfortunately we have none at the moment. I've outlined a class around Java's BigDecimal and BigInteger classes, but have no time to spend on this side project. Any volunteers? [note: a XPCOM AP library would be preferred; help on this one is highly appreciated].

BTW, 0.3.0 is using the old XUL syntax. It is likely to break on recent builds.

Bryant Howell has joined the team and will try his skills on a TI-8x like home screen (see Jesse Ruderman's page for an example It will be integrated as an alternative input style like the tasks menu in Navigator.

Some folks requested also an intergration to the sidebar. Could be nifty, but again: no time on our side. Any takers?

ForumZilla - Myk Melez

Version 0.3.0 is out with support for the latest builds. Also, the server how-to has been completely re-written and updated with information about ForumZilla's RDF schema and RSS support.

DocZilla - Mårten Ström

Yesterday the Linux version of DocZilla Browser was made available for downloading. We had previously overlooked the language issues in the Netscape XUL stuff and we've now limited the DocZilla language support to German and English. The German version was added yesterday.

The last week we were excited to watch the response from the public after working in silence for quite some time. We will now take time to make better demos and instructions, and take a breath to review the latest development as well as the future plans.

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