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Independent Status Reports

by TONY JORDAN | MozDev Chat Sessions - Eric Murphy

Although this isn't a "project" per se, you might be interested in attending the weekly chat sessions that Eric Murphy is organizing. See below for information:

The last chat session went well, and most of the discussion was on MESS and related theory. Log at

There will chat again next Monday, at two separate times. However, most of the action happens during the first session:

The first meeting time is going to be:
1 p.m. Pacific
4 p.m. Eastern
6 a.m. Japan / Central Australia
9 p.m. London
21 GMT

The second meeting time is going to be:
6 p.m. Pacific
9 p.m. Eastern
11 a.m. Japan / Central Australia
2 a.m. London
02 GMT

The chat sessions are held on in the #mozdev channel. If you are using mozilla, you can click this link to get there.

Jabberzilla - Eric Murphy

Things are still moving along on Jabberzilla. A 1.0 IDL (XPCOM Interface) is
finished, now the work of implementing it remains. It mostly amounts to
organizing old code to fit, and to work in a slightly different environment
as a component.

After that is done, UI work will need to be finished, and a 1.0 version of
some form will be ready.

Chameleon - Pete Collins

I've just been doing some polish, UI tweaks etc . . . for 0.02b branch which i will cut in a day or two.

I will be out at Netscape next week to demo the tool.

Hermes - Azrael

Switched from HTML to XHTML and should now be fully xml compliant.. some issues with ssl through proxies seem to have been fixed in Mozilla.. making hermes more usable. However psm through the sidebar is still an issue.

Hermes release 0.2.4 is available from

ChatZilla - Rob Ginda

The new and improved ChatZilla was checked into the tree (see this bug). Documentation still needs to be written for it.

ForumZilla - Myk Melez

ForumZilla has a new home page at Mozdev, and we put the source code into public CVS on that site. We have also released a new version, 0.2.9, that cleans up the code, updates the installer, and fixes a bug that freezes Mozilla under rare conditions.

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