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Independent Status Reports

mozCalc - Martin Kutschker

mozCalc has been started by me as a desktop calculator application, but now with the joining of Alex Vincent to the project there is a vision of more complex math and a graphing application (plotter).

mozCalc (version 0.1.2) is for now a basic calculator with a working UI (keyboard shortcuts, copy and paste, nifty and persistent memory). An attempt to localize the application has not been successful so far.

Currently mozCalc uses JS built in arithmetic operations with limited precision, but Alex is working on classes for arbitrary large integers.

Short term goals are more mathematical functions (at least the most common ones) and a hexadecimal mode.

Chameleon - Pete Collins

Chameleon bugs for ver 0.02b are now at 0. Yea baby!

I am going to be doing a week of testing on the three platforms, fix any minor discrepancies and then cut a 0.02b branch.

XULMaker - Michael Hearn

Well, I made pretty good progress in building the website and getting version 0.1 out the door. It's pretty basic but should be coming on more quickly now. I have just finished a round of exams but due to the screwed up nature of the UK education system I still have loads of work, so bear with me on progress. I have a fairly clear idea of future directions for the program, which are covered below.

- Engineering bit: v0.1 is like i said, pretty crude. I am currently working on an attribute manager so that events aren't triggered when you use the canvas area (ie onclick etc) and a source editor too, so like in Composer you can flip between editing the source, and visually editing. This again isn't going to be pretty, as there seems to be a bug in the DOM serializer which plays havoc with namespaces but it'll do until the Mozilla crew sort it out. Unfortunately this is the case with quite a few features at the moment and because the Netscape engineers who can fix this problem are seriously overworked as it is, it may not happen for a while. However, it will be useful nonetheless. I am also investigating several different possibilities, like using XPath in the engine and merging with Chameleon.

- People bit: I'd quite like people to start contributing in the newsgroups (i prefer them to mailing lists) and although at the moment there aren't really many things that could be easily worked on by others I hope to soon fix this :) Also, if you would like to contribute, there's a rule: no slagging me off (cough cough aaron)

Chatzilla - Rob Ginda

  • Newest version has fixes to weirdness explained below.
  • I found a workaround to all this wierdness. It was due to the fact that ChatZilla was poking table rows right into a table, instead of into a tbody. Install again if you are seeing the following symptoms: Sometimes messages don't show up correctly, message text is not selectable, and/or clicking on links will cause your message window to scroll to the top. These appear to be regressions caused by recent changes to the table code. A workaround is to change to a different view and change back.
  • The tbody fix seems to clear this up as well. Who knows? Maybe it's the fix for 39204 as well. That would be cool.
  • ChatZilla seems to be causing a crash in the table code after running for extended periods. ( bug 70335.)
  • Created superbug for ChatZilla .8 checkin, contains diff and changelog.
  • List of bugs fixed by superbug.

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