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Chatzilla - Rob Ginda

Here is a development version of chatzilla. You will have to rename your existing chatzilla.jar before installing this xpi, unless you have never installed chatzilla.

There are a few more changes I'd like to make before calling this a ChatZilla 0.8, but it looks much better than it used to. If you notice problems or have suggestions, please post them to the netscape.public.mozilla.rt-messaging newsgroup (or reply here.) Some of the changes (off the top of my head) are:

* Lots of new commands (/cancel, /list, /networks, /query, /who, /notify)
* unknown commands are sent to the server as if you used /quote.
* information from the network (like a /whois reply or a /me) will show up in your current view, if that view is related to the network.
* tabstrip under the output window, instead of a button bar on top.
* smaller fonts

ChatZilla could really use a new user guide, or a FAQ. If you're interested in creating something like this, drop me an email.

MozOffice - James Russell

James posted a big update for his project over at the MozOffice project site.

Jabberzilla - Eric Murphy

Our new short-term goal is to put out a user-friendly Jabberzilla Lite 1.0
client. It will have the basics, and should be good enough to keep people
happy while work on the real client continues.

There is still a lot to do, so it might be a while before Lite comes out.
There is probably going to be one public beta release of Lite. Looking to
put out the 1.0 well before the end of March.

Otherwise, I have been working on a lot of low-level code that a user would
never even notice or care about. However, the client is becoming more
reliable and solid.

I have made plans to make an entire XBL widget set just for Jabberzilla
functions. You can see the preliminary specification at . This will allow developers to
easily add Jabber functions to their Mozilla software, and eventually, web

Beonex - Ben Bucksch


* Merged changes with Mozilla 0.8/trunk
* Might have a Mac guy at hand, so we might have a Mac release next


* Create a new release (probably as "dev")
* Including a BeOS version


* Concerted release with didn't work
* Mozilla still far too buggy
* Time - not even enough time to actively seek help

Chameleon - Pete Collins

Chameleon is shaping up to be quite useable.

Check out a theme sent in by Pavol Vaskovic (AKA mondo).

This was done entirely in the tool.

Mondo has been putting a great deal of effort into bug reports and
documenting chameleon's API's.

Sherlock - Christoph Studer

  • Preparing the database takes longer than estimated. We are almost done however.
  • Bug 67944 has been fixed.

  • Finish the database
  • Create an interactive interface for directly submitting the plugins, see mozdev bug 174


MozDev - David Boswell

mozdev added three new projects this week. beonex put up a page at mozdev to host some of their installation files, mozcalc has started a development project of a simple desktop calculator app, and freebsd will be the home of the freebsd port of the mozilla source code.

there are now 28 projects hosted on mozdev and to handle the increase in we had to change the navigation structure. the active projects list has been replaced with a project category list. active projects are now listed under the last updated section on the home page that displays the last four projects that checked in code or web updates on the site.

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