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Doomed Engineers

by ZACH LIPTON | "Help the Most Doomed bug assignees!
Several developers have an extremely full workload now and do not have the time to track down the specifics of bugs and ensure that they are in the right place! That is why we need you to go over bugs and triage them before the developers get to them. Remember that the more this is done, the more bugs get fixed!

What you can do to help: Go to the most doomed list and pick a link. Go through the bugs and ensure that they are all good bugs, ready for fixing. Especially, check for duplicates; make sure that the severity is in line with the bug report (no image is 1 pixel off bugs should be blockers), remember that developers base their work on the severity of bugs; Check the keywords, add any keywords that help identify the bug, including mozilla0.x keywords; Improve the steps to reproduce to make the bug report more clear. These steps will make life easier for the developers who depend upon good bugs and ensure that more bugs get fixed in less time. Come join us in #mozillazine on to help out or ask questions."

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