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Weekly Independent Status Reports


Hermes - Azrael

The project aims to integrate the use of web-based e-mail providers into the structure of Mozilla. Initially (0.1.x)this started out with a simple sidebar panel tab that allowed the user to access their hotmail account. The second generation (0.2.x) of Hermes provided with access to Hotmail, Yahoo, Netscape and NetAddress email accounts. via the sidebar.

The final aim would be to create a seamless and easily maintainable tie in between Hermes and the current mail/news program so that the web-mail accounts appeared simply as additional mail accounts.

So far progress is developing well on the sidebar panel tab front... but the project currently lacks assistance from people who'd be capable of taking it that step further. Help is needed earnestly for such a result.. all are welcome.

The Sherlock Project - Erich 'Ricky' Iseli

  • In a very short time, the sherlock project got quite a number of contributions (that is, nearly 100 sherlock plugins were submitted).


  • We need to create some standard tests in order to quality-check the submitted plugins. Volunteers needed for both creating the test procedure and testing the plugins.
  • We need to create a database in order to make all the plugins searchable and put them in different categories. For now, there's a bug filed in Mozdev on Pete Collins (

There are still some very annoying bugs in Mozilla that prevent the sherlock plugins from working nicely:

  • Bug 66363: Search plugins don't work with the post method
  • Bug 65863: Search Panel: clicking on a link in the results updates the results themselves
  • Bug 65453: Wrong document base in combined search (internetresults.xul)

Galeon - Joshua Horvath

In preparation for the release of GNOME 1.4, Galeon development has branched recently. The stable branch has been tagged 'galeon-0-9'. This will serve as the codebase for the official package that will be included in the GNOME 1.4 "Extra Apps" distribution. This branch will not have any major changes made to it (with the possible exception of adding cookie management) - only bugfixes or minor usability enhancements.

A lot of changes have been made to the unstable branch:

  • A cookie manager has been added. It is pretty much a carbon copy of the Mozilla cookie manager. Thus, you can now also block cookies and images on a per-site basis.
  • The multiple window and tabbed (MDI) interfaces have been merged. It is now possible to have multiple tabbed windows.
  • GNOME VFS is now required.
  • Support for Nautilus button themes.

In the works:

  • A switch to GConf for storing preferences.

Changes to the stable branch:

  • A (mostly complete) user's manual has been added. Hopefully, this will clear up the confusion some users have experienced when using various Galeon features.
  • Small enhancements:
    • The open URL dialog now saves the last URL entered.
    • A preference has been added for leaving the menubar, toolbar, or statusbar on when switching to fullscreen mode.

Jabberzilla - Eric Murphy

The next release of Jabberzilla will be out in a couple of weeks after some problems with the Mozilla builds shakes out. There are three bugs I am waiting on to be fixed, among other things.

The Beta 0 release ran into a lot of problems with the many different versions of Mozilla. The differences between M18/Netscape 6 and today's builds are going to force me to no longer support older releases. Considering who uses Jabberzilla, this should not be a big issue.

In fact, the builds that are current today might not be supported in two weeks, so it is going to be a little confusing. However, it's time to move towards the future, and I'll try to keep people informed with the Beta 1 release.

Chameleon - David Boswell

The Chameleon project is looking for more people to create themes with Chameleon (to be posted at They also ask that people continue to try the product and file bugs on it.

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