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PyXPCOM - Python bindings for Mozilla XPCOM technology

by ACTIVATOR | ActiveState is pleased to announce the first release of the Python bindings for the Mozilla XPCOM (Cross-Platform COM) technology.

These bindings provide a Python package that allows a Python programmer to use or implement any IDL specified XPCOM interface. General information on the Mozilla XPCOM technology can be found at

Although this is the first public release of these extensions, they are being used extensively in the Komodo project, ActiveState's cross-platform, multilanguage IDE based on Mozilla. Thus the functionality and stability of this package is remarkably high for a first release.

The current release should build under Windows and most Linux variants. Although a manual build system is currently used, the intention is to integrate the PyXPCOM build process with the Mozilla CVS tree and build process. Thus, in the future we can expect these extensions to work anywhere Mozilla itself does.

This package was developed by ActiveState, and is being released under the Mozilla Public Licence (MPL). The source code (in .tar.gz and .zip form) can be downloaded from

ActiveState is maintaining a mailing list for the Python XPCOM package. All queries, comments and suggestions should be made via this mailing list rather than in the forums where this announcement has been posted. Information on the mailing list, including subscription options, can be found at

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