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by AXEL HECHT | We now have all details settled, and here goes the final invitation. Please reply [before] Friday, September 8th. The conference will be held on September 23rd-24th at the Eschborn location of S.E.S.A. near Frankfurt. S.E.S.A. will host our gathering, thanx for that. Joerg Duerckheimer will be helping with the local organization. We will start on Saturday 14.00, and will end on Sunday at 15.00. The Saturday evening will be spent in Frankfurt. I will update the WWW page accordingly.

For hotels in Eschborn, click here , for hotels in frankfurt, click here.

Please register with us, so that we can plan T-shirts and name badges, etc.

I would like to have the following info with your registration:

Name (and nick)
home address, or country, if you like
area of interest (mozilla-centric)
T-shirt size
Needed equipment (if you'd like to introduce your work to us, what do you need) Hardware/Software/network (this applies to all chairmen)

It would be good for me to know where you're staying, so as soon as you have that, tell me.

I encourage you to team up for the journey, taking the car with a few people is almost 100% a good deal compared to railways.

And of course, spouses are welcome. The Rhein-Main-area is full of stuff to see, and we'd be glad to even talk about non-coding stuff at the evening.

So I hope to see you on the mozilla gathering,


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