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2nd Mozilla Developer's Meeting Agenda Finalized


The Mozilla Developers Meeting schedule will be divided into two sessions each with four of the sessions below.

Mozilla Editor
  proposed by Brian King
  run by Brian King and Charley Manske

Mozilla Gaming
  proposed by David Boswell
  run by Andrew Wooldridge

Skin Design
  proposed by Cameron Barrett
  run by Cameron Barrett

Embedding Mozilla In Other Apps
  proposed by Dave Winer
  run by Doug Turner

Bug Reporting/Confirming/Testing/Verifying
  proposed by Eliot Landrum
  run by Asa Dotzler

Mozilla Documentation
  proposed by Ian Oeschger
  run by Ian Oeschger

Mozilla as Platform/Creating Applications with Mozilla
  proposed by David Ascher
  run by Rob Ginda

Contributing to Mozilla
  proposed by David Ascher
  run by ???

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