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Mozilla Schedule Update

by MITCHELL BAKER | The Mozilla tree is currently in a re-stabilization phase. A good amount of new features have been added since M15, and we'd like to return to a reasonable level of usability and stability. When we get there, we'll release M16. Most likely what will happen is that Netscape QA will nominate a set of daily builds as having an acceptable level of usability, and the Mozilla QA community will then determine if these builds are something we ought label M16. We're hoping to see this happen this week.

Following M16, we expect another round of performance and feature changes, and then another stability period.

During this time, is particularly interested in:

-- Memory use and performance improvements

-- Cleaning up the component identifier issues so that Mozilla code can be upgraded in the field.

-- Bugs which are blocking contributors from moving forward with their projects.

We're not yet sure when M17 will be released; it depends on how stable and performant the tree looks after the next round of changes. We're also not yet sure how the timing of M17 it will correlate with a Netscape beta2 release.

We received feedback at the time of nsbeta1 that it would be convenient if the Netscape betas coincided with a Mozilla milestone release. We're not yet convinced this is the right plan, especially if there is a need for an earlier milestone. And in the long run, it will be difficult or impossible to coordinate milestone releases with commercial schedules once there are a variety of products being built with Mozilla. But there was feedback to this effect, and so we'll consider it. We'll want to do a release when there's something new and useful in Mozilla and it's stable and performant enough to make a worthwhile milestone.


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