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Summary of Mozilla Trip to Stanford


9:30 pm

pavlov, alecf, putterman, mscott and sspitzer head over to Sweet Hall. Or "Hall Sweet Hall", when you live there for days on end because of CS248.

10:00 pm

Pizza, cokes, Mozilla t-shirts, stickers and CD's are doled out. Over pizza, the five of us answer questions individually, talking to, and meeting the students and the non-students who came to the event.

10:30 pm

Short presentation about Mozilla. Topics included:

1) Introduction to Mozilla and

2) Current state of Mozilla: working on M16, working on features for Beta 2.

3) Technologies in Mozilla: XUL, RDF, XPCOM, XPConnect, JavaScript, details about the UI.

4) Web based development tools: Tinderbox, Bugzilla, Bonsai, LXR

5) Community: newsgroups and IRC

6) Way to contribute, examples:

  • Use Mozilla, and log bugs.
  • Contribute knowledge, comments, constructive criticsm to the newsgroups.
  • Port Mozilla to other platforms.
  • Not a C++ coder? Work on the UI: JavaScript / XUL / CSS
  • Help localize the product.
  • Fix bugs.
  • Implement features.
  • Write cool sidebar panel.
  • Hack on the web based development tools.

7) Examples of past and current external contributors and their contributions

(This was off the top of our heads. The credits page has the whole list.)

  • Ben Goodger (cookie editor, profile UI) *
  • Rob Ginda (chatzilla) *
  • Stuart Parmenter, AKA Pavlov, (GTK Module owner) *
  • Chris Seawood (build issues, ports)
  • Bruce Mitcher (memory leaks)
  • Brian Ryner (mousewheel, finger: protocol) *
  • Chris Blizzard (embedding, Linux issues)
  • Alphanumerica's Aphrodite skin
  • the MathML team
(* now part of Netscape, paid to contribute to Mozilla)

8) Open internships and jobs, for those who want to get paid to contribute.

(Hey, student loans got to be paid back eventually.)

9) question / answer session

12:15 am

Trip to Denny's. (It's never too late for "Moon Over My Hammies".)

Overall, it was a successful visit. Free stuff was given out. Questions got answered. Mozilla got hyped.

We plan on going back to Sweet Hall next year. And hopefully, to other schools.

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