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by RICHARD WEBB | ActiveCaption is a new add-on utility which attaches a search engine interface, a full-featured bookmark organizer and other useful tools to the unused space on Netscape's (or IE's) title bar. ActiveCaption also lets you use Netscape Navigator/Communicator in "full screen" mode.

You can access all the major search engines by typing keywords into a form on the title bar. You can choose the default search engine you want to use for searches, and you can also easily repeat your search on the other engines.

ActiveCaption can also directly search top sites in a variety of categories, including news, business, entertainment, sports, movie reviews, travel, health, politics, etc. Plus you can comparison shop online stores and perform a "Tech Search" on sites which offer information on Java, HTML, and other subjects of interest to programmers and webmasters.

ActiveCaption's optional "Space Saver" mode replicates essential browser functions on the caption/title bar. This allows you to hide Netscape's toolbars and/or location bar, making nearly the entire screen available for viewing webpages.

Also included, is a set of programmable "Speed Buttons" which provide one-click access to your favorite websites, and a powerful browser-independent bookmark organizer. ActiveCaption's drag and drop bookmark manager offers a number of capabilities not available with Netscape bookmarks, including the ability to track user/login names associated with websites, and alerts which can be set to remind the user to revisit the site at some point in the future.

ActiveCaption is completely browser-independent and supports both Netscape Navigator/Communicator 3.0 or later and Microsoft IE. All ActiveCaption bookmarks and other settings are instantly available, regardless of the browser being used,even if multiple browsers are run simultaneously. ActiveCaption is freeware and can be downloaded from here.

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