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Call for Mozilla Testers!

by CHRISTINE BEGLE | The Netscape Beta 1 Branch is a subset of code that is on the tip -- changes that are checked into the branch will also be checked into the tip.

Most of Netscape's QA staff will be focused on the Netscape Beta 1 Branch (nb1b). This means that changes that are checked only onto the tip may not be well-tested unless testers in the mozilla community step up to fill this role.

We need:

- People who can run the daily smoketests on Mac, Windows, and Linux. - People who can write and run more in-depth functional tests. - People who can help triage incoming bugs.

Testers in the Mozilla community have already been great about all of these things, but I think that it would be even better if we could get more organized, like the i18n QA group has done here:

I would like to set up a page of components that more or less follows the Browser and Mail/News components as they're defined in Bugzilla. It doesn't have to be a 1-1 component-tester ratio; if more than one person is interested in an area, the more the merrier. But it will at least help us identify areas that no one is really looking at closely.

I also want to set up a list of testers, what platforms they work on, and what components they are most interested in. That will make it easier for us to find each other when we need someone to reproduce a particular bug on a specific platform, or write a test case, or when we need help testing code changes.

If you are not yet involved in the Mozilla project, this is a great time to get involved. Mozilla needs your help, and we are looking for good testers, ideas, and leadership.

If you want to me to add your information to the page, please send me a message and let me know:

- Your name and Bugzilla ID

- The platforms on which you test Mozilla, and other platforms you have occasional access to

- What component(s) you are most interested in or would like to focus on. Here are some choices: Browser: Mail/News:

If you frequent #mozillazine channel on, let me know your mozilla handle, too.


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