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First Chrome Sample!

by JASON KERSEY | If you have been interested in trying out a sample of chrome, now you can. Jason writes, "I have put together an example of a skin. This is basically a MozBin Skin. What you must do is open the prefs.js in your Mozilla5 user directory and insert this line at the top:

user_pref("browser.NavCenter", "");

(Editor's note: It should be all on one line.)

This will then load up my skin for Mozilla. Be sure Mozilla is closed when you do this. All the files are located at This is really easy, and really cool!"

So, if you have a recent build of the Win32 Mozilla, give it a try! Just be sure, if you download a build, that you have a user profile used solely for Mozilla testing. DO NOT USE A PROFILE THAT YOU USE FOR COMMUNICATOR! Enter your Mozilla specific profile directory, and add the line as Jason recommends. Then start up Mozilla, and choose that User Profile!

Click here for a screenshot of the chrome in action!

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