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Zope XUL Project Opened

by - | The following is from Martijn Pieters's post to the Zope-announce mailing list:

I have checked a first setup for ZopeStudio in. It consists of two related pieces; one Zope Product, that generates the data needed in the interface, and one Mozilla chrome package, that defines the interface. Each live in their own subdir again.

To look at what I've done, you can go one of two ways:

1. Check out the whole ZopeStudio package into a new directory named ZopeStudio:

cvs -z7 checkout -d ZopeStudio ZopeMozilla/ZopeStudio

And then link or copy ZopeProduct/ZopeStudio into your Zope lib/python/Products subdirectory, and do the same with MozillaChrome/zopestudio, into your Mozilla bin/chrome directory.

2. Check out the separate packages out into your Zope lib/python/Products and Mozilla bin/chrome directories.

In your Zope install lib/python/Products:

cvs -z7 checkout -d ZopeStudio ZopeMozilla/ZopeStudio/ZopeProduct/ZopeStudio

and in your Mozilla install bin/chrome:

cvs -z7 checkout -d zopestudio ZopeMozilla/ZopeStudio/MozillaChrome/zopestudio

After either one of these steps, you restart your Zope server, and start up Mozilla with the command:

mozilla -chrome chrome://zopestudio/content

When the interface has loaded, enter the URL of your Zope server and press Enter. Have fun!


Zope 2.x (tested on Zope 2.1.2 but should work on older versions)

Mozilla M12 (tested on a recent nightly build).

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