• Though MozillaZine went live on September 1st 1998, the first article was dated August 30th.
  • MozillaZine has run 1,660 articles since its launch.
  • MozillaZine has over 6,000 members. The MozillaZine Forums have over 13,000 registered users.
  • The infamous Phoenix needs a new name topic in the MozillaZine Forums received 1,909 replies, the highest ever.
  • In the past, several people have posted in the forums claiming to be Linus Torvalds. We're fairly certain at least one of them was telling the truth.
  • The MozillaZine backend was originally written for a guitar site called, which never really got off the ground.
  • MozillaZine once had a Music to Code By section. Seriously.
  • Back when it was just a Mozilla skinning tutorial and not a FUD fest, MozillaZine used to link to MozillaQuest.
  • The MozillaZine AfterDark forum is named after a Mozilla advocacy weblog that MozillaZine admin Jason Kersey used to run.
  • We receive spam via the Submit News form.
  • We used to have adverts. Now we don't. Love us.
  • Accidental deletions of important files are more common than you might think.
  • We're still not certain whether it should be 'MozillaZine' or 'mozillaZine'.

MozillaZine rules!

Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler, Wednesday June 5th, 2002