Chronology of Important Events


January 22nd
Netscape Communications Corporation announces its intention to release the source code of Netscape Communicator 5.0 as open-source.
February 23rd created.
March 31st
Netscape releases the source code to Netscape Communicator 5.0.
September 1st
MozillaZine goes live, with Chris Nelson at the helm.
September 3rd starts providing precompiled nightly builds.
September 5th
Talkback feature launched.
September 17th
MozillaZine relocates to
October 26th
MozillaZine breaks the news that future development will be focused on the NGLayout rendering engine. This marks the beginning of an effort that eventually leads to the majority of the old Communicator code being rewritten.
November 14th
MozillaZine merges with MozBin, bringing Jason Kersey on board. At the same time, MozillaZine takes on a look similar to the one it has today.
November 20th
Polls launched.
November 23rd
MozillaZine wins its first award.
November 24th
America Online agrees to purchase Netscape Communications Corporation.


January 2nd
MozillaZine member accounts launched.
March 12th
Sun Microsystems begins contributing to the Mozilla project.
March 21st
The first Mozilla milestone, M3, is released.
April 2nd
MozillaZine reports on the resignation of Jamie "JWZ" Zawinski from Netscape and the Mozilla project.
May 12th
MozillaZine hosts the second contest to find a throbber for Mozilla.
May 24th
Steve Morrison joins the site as the ChromeZone is launched.
September 15th
MozillaZine's IRC channel, #mozillazine, launches.
October 23rd
New Modern theme revealed.
November 23rd
French and Japanese MozillaZine translations launch.
December 6th
Chinese translation of MozillaZine begins.


January 12th
Mike Shaver leaves Netscape.
March 21st
MozillaZine sponsors the Mozilla Awards
April 5th
Netscape 6 Preview Release 1 unleashed.
April 25th
First Bug Day on #mozillazine.
May 3rd
Build Bar launches.
June 22nd
Second Classic skin in Mozilla nightly builds.
June 29th
It is confirmed that the first non-beta release of Mozilla will be called Mozilla 1.0.
July 12th
German translation of MozillaZine goes live.
August 23rd
The new Modern 2.0 theme begins landing.
November 6th
In an editorial, MozillaZine founder Chris Nelson blasts standards advocates for their harsh treatment of Netscape. A blistering response to Jeffrey Zeldman of the Web Standards Project follows the next day. Chris Nelson phases out his involvement with the day-to-day running of MozillaZine.
November 14th
Netscape 6 released.


February 6th
First set of Independent Status Reports arrive.
April 2nd
Third major revision of the Modern theme revealed.
August 8th
Netscape 6.1 released.
September 17th
Chief Lizard Wrangler Mitchell Baker announces that, despite being laid off from Netscape, she will continue to head
September 19th
Relicensing of the Mozilla codebase begins. The eventual aim is for almost all of the Mozilla code to be tri-licensed under the Mozilla Public License, General Public License and Lesser General Public License.
Otober 25th
Mozilla Calendar project announced.
December 1st
MozillaZine Talkback Forums launched.
December 14th
Bandwidth limitations cause MozillaZine to run on a reduced service for several weeks. Many readers donate funds to the site.


April 12th
MozillaZine Weblogs launch.
May 17th
MozillaZine's newest admin is revealed to be Alex Bishop.
June 5th
After four years, Mozilla 1.0 is finally released.
July 24th
MozillaZine reports on a Chimera release for the first time.
August 29th
Netscape reaches version 7.0.
September 5th
Nightly builds of the standalone Phoenix browser available.
November 5th
New MozillaZine Forums open.
December 31st
MozillaZine publishes its first annual Review of the Year.


February 16th
MozillaZine asks its readers to pay the site's hosting fees. Much to our surprise, you do.
March 3rd
Due to trademark issues, the Chimera browser for Mac OS X is renamed Camino.
March 24th
The Minotaur project to build a standalone Mozilla-based mail and newsgroups client is officially launched.
March 31st
On the fifth anniversary of the release of the source code, bug 200000 is filed in Bugzilla.
April 2nd
MozillaZine breaks the news of Mozilla's new Roadmap, which centers around standalone applications.
April 14th
It is announced that Phoenix and Minotaur will be renamed Firebird and Thunderbird, sparking off the Firebird naming conflict with the Firebird database community.
April 27th
Due to bandwidth issues, the MozillaZine Forums are temporarily taken offline.
June 30th
Netscape 7.1 released.
June 30th
Mozilla 1.4 released. It is intended to replace Mozilla 1.0 as the stable development branch.
July 15th launches the non-profit Mozilla Foundation.
July 15th
America Online closes the Netscape browser division, laying off or reassigning the remaining Netscape employees.
July 17th
MozillaZine reports on the start of the Mozilla Sunbird standalone calendar project.
July 21st
MozillaZine moves to a new, dedicated server.
September 1st
MozillaZine celebrates five years at the heart of the Mozilla community.

MozillaZine rules!

Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler, Wednesday June 5th, 2002