MozillaZine — 5 Years: 1998-2003

MozillaZine used to have a mainly orange colour scheme. On Tuesday 1st September 1998, the nascent Mozilla community woke up to find a new kind of Mozilla site had been launched. A site devoted solely to Mozilla news and advocacy. A site where developers, testers and interested users alike could come to find out about the latest happenings in the world of Mozilla.

This site was called MozillaZine.

A Message From MozillaZine's Founder
Chris Nelson discusses MozillaZine's creation and the position it occupies today
Chronology of Important Events
A look back at history
Interesting (or boring, depending on how you look at it) facts
Thanks to everyone who has helped with the site
5 Years News Article
MozillaZine's front page news article marking the anniversary
5 Years Poll
MozillaZine readers vote on their main reason for visiting the site